2017 Upcoming Deadlines

2017 Upcoming Deadlines

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By Jo Ann Hohertz, R.P.A., C.C.A. Chief Appraiser


“Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, disabled veteran or property owner, it’s important you know your rights concerning the property tax laws.”  “You can contact the Appraisal District about property tax appraisal information and we will provide you complete, accurate and up-to-date information to assist you.”  This includes information about the following programs:

Renditions are the forms for business owners to record an opinion of their tangible personal property value and are required by state law.  If you closed a business in 2016, please contact our office and let us know.  Renditions help the appraisal district appraise business personal property fairly and accurately.  A 10% penalty enacted by the Legislature will be imposed if you fail to timely file a rendition.  Business owners who need more time may file a written requestbefore the April 17th deadline for an extension to May 15th.

Farmers and ranchers may be eligible for property relief on their land by filing for agricultural productivity appraisal, a lower appraisal of land based on production rather than what it would sell for.  Property owners must prove use for 5 of the 7 preceding years and meet the degree of intensity accepted in this area.

The easiest way homeowners can reduce tax liability is by taking advantage of homestead exemptions offered by the taxing units.  A homestead is generally the house and land used as the owner’s primary residence on Jan. 1 of the tax year.  Homestead exemptions reduce the appraised value of your home based on the exemption: school, county, over 65, disabled, local option, surviving spouse of member of the U.S. Army killed in action, disabled veteran and 100% disabled veteran.  A tax freeze, or ceiling, is a benefit for homeowners when they turn 65 or become disabled.  If you turn 65 this year or know someone who will, please remind them to contact our office.

A special form of tax relief for homeowners over 65 or who are disabled is a tax deferral.  The owner must file a tax deferral affidavit which postpones the taxes as long as the owner continues to own and live in the home.  The owner will not lose the homestead because of delinquent taxes.  Taxes continue to add up, along with 8% interest per year and all deferred taxes and interest become due when the homeowner or surviving spouse no longer own and live in the home.

Another special form of tax relief for any Texas homeowners is a residence homestead tax deferral.  Homeowners may postpone paying the currently delinquent property taxes due on the appreciating value of their homestead by filling a tax deferral affidavit.  This allows homeowners to pay the property taxes on 105% of the preceding year’s appraised value of their homestead, plus the taxes on any new improvements.  The remaining taxes are postponed, not cancelled, with interest accruing at 8 percent per year.

  • Confidential Business Renditions are due by April 17th
  • Homestead Exemption Applications, Agricultural Applications, and Wildlife Management Plans & Annual Reports are due by May 1  
  • Non-profits, Tax Abatements, “Freeport”, and Pollution Control Exemptions are due by May 1   

The Public Service Ads published in this paper give more information on “RENDERING”, “PRODUCTIVITY” and “HOMESTEADS”.   If you want to check the status of your property you can do so by visiting our website www.comanchecad.org  and doing a property search for your property or you may call or come by our office and we will address your concerns.

Please bear in mind we don’t make these laws; we just administer them.  We follow established appraisal guidelines and principles for every property type.     

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The appraisal district uses this information to help set property values on taxable inventory, furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, vehicles and other property owned or managed as of January 1.

The law also allows an owner to use land for wildlife management and receive this special appraisal, if the land qualified for agricultural use in the preceding year.  Land under wildlife must meet acreage size requirements and special use qualifications.

The homeowner’s school property taxes cannot increase above the ceiling, unless the homeowner improves or adds to the house.

Recently passed legislation now requires homeowners to provide proof of residency for a Homestead application. ALL homestead applications must have a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license or state-issued id. card. The address on the id must be the same as the address for which the exemption is being sought unless:

  1. A resident of a facility that provides services related to health, infirmity, or aging.
  2. Victim of violence certified for participation in the address confidentiality program administered by the Office of the Texas Attorney General;
  3. Or an active member of the armed forces, peace officer, federal judge, a state judge, or the spouse of a federal or state judge.

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