Appraiser Job Description

Appraiser Job Description


(Amended 6/17/10, 5/15/14)


The Real Estate Appraiser is responsible for the office and field work associated with the appraisal of real estate including, but not limited to, customer service, discovery of new improvements, measuring improvements, sketching the exterior perimeter of improvements, compiling information about all improvements that affect value, classifying improvements according to standard schedules, determining all types of physical, functional, and economic depreciation and inspecting property for Ag productivity use.  He/she must be capable of walking in various types of terrain and climates.  He/she is responsible for the periodic inspection of all properties with a thorough exterior inspection for the purpose of data verification. He/she assists in the development and implementation of standard schedules for the classification and appraisal of all real property.

The Real Estate Appraiser is responsible for the valuation of all types of real property using the three approaches to value and modern mass appraisal techniques. He/she must be able to collect basic appraisal information, determine property use and apply the best appraisal method.  He/she will gather information concerning sales, enter information into the system and learn to analyze sales information making sure “sales chasing” does not occur.

The Real Estate Appraiser meets with property owners during reviews to explain appraisal notice values, make adjustments if necessary, process settlements with taxpayers and defends the CAD value during ARB hearings.   He/she assists property owners in clarifying data, understanding State Laws, appeal procedures, or filing a Notice of Protest, if necessary.  Verbal abuse by the public is a possibility.

Perform duties assigned by Chief Appraiser to meet all deadlines to complete CAD work.

Some job duties may be delegated to part-time at the discretion of the Chief Appraiser.


A good knowledge of the three approaches to value as applied to the appraisal of real property is essential.  Good mathematical skills, independent thinking, professional image, statistical knowledge and understanding of the Property Tax Code are highly desirable.

Three years of increasingly responsible appraisal of real property is mandatory.  Knowledge of human relations and a calm disposition conducive to effectively work with property owners and employees of the District are essential.

The Real Estate Appraiser must have a valid Texas Driver’s License and a driving record acceptable to the District’s restrictions.

He/she must learn to use all equipment provided by the appraisal district to aid in mass appraisal and adapt to computer software used by the district. Read and understand plats, deeds, blueprints, sales contracts, settlement statements, appraisal rolls, appraisal manuals, inter-office communications, various CCAD reports, and correspondence from taxpayers.  They must maintain a good working relationship with ALL taxing entities.


Graduation from High School or a GED  is mandatory for this position.  A college degree is preferable, with courses in business and real estate helpful.  A combination of experience and/or training may be substituted for a college degree.  The certification of Registered Professional Appraiser (RPA) with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is preferred but he/she must be working towards the RPA designation.

Appraisers must obtain and maintain professional designation as a Registered Professional Appraiser.  Comanche Central Appraisal District has 4 levels for appraiser positions based on years of appraisal experience.  The experience can be either governmental or private sector.

Requirements for Appraiser position:

  • Appraiser I — Beginning appraiser to one year of experience.
  • Appraiser II — More than one year, and up to three years of experience.
  • Appraiser III — More than three years, and up to five years of experience.
  • Appraiser IV — More than five years of experience.


Accuracy is very important because appraisal errors can cause severe problems for the Appraisal District leading to legal action and tax payment refunds.


Normal work hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Periodically, it will be necessary to work past five and on the weekends. The appraiser should be punctual and have a high attendance level.


It is essential that the Appraiser be highly accurate & able to work effectively with minimal supervision under the direct supervision of the Chief Appraiser and has no supervisory responsibility.

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