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Property Search Disclaimer

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Comanche, Texas, July 22, 2016 – The members of the Comanche Central Appraisal District (CCAD) are taxpayers and understand the hardship that rising taxes can place on property holders.  The goal of the District is to accurately and fairly appraise all the property within Comanche County so that all property owners pay their fair share of taxes.


The District reappraised commercial properties in the De Leon area for the 2016 tax year using a NEW software program in its appraisal system that used information from Marshall & Swift, a national authority on building cost information. When the CCAD became aware of significant issues with the software program & the appraisals of these properties they began an investigation that was to be finished before final values were determined.


This investigation showed that the increases on a majority of the properties did not accurately reflect their actual market value. To address this serious matter, the District has returned any non-exempt property in De Leon where the valuation increased over the 2015 values to the 2015 value , except in cases where new construction, remodeling, or omitted property were discovered.


For property owners who did not protest, the District presented these proposed changes to the Appraisal Review Board at its July 22 meeting, it was accepted and the CCAD has made the corrections to the 2016 records.


Any property owner who has already protested will be able to review and agree to the new value, meet with the District informally to discuss it and proceed to the Comanche County Appraisal Review Board if they so choose.


The District is committed to correcting this mistake and promises it will do all in its power and authority to make sure this is corrected before 2017 appraisal

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